Inhibition of DNA polymerase alpha activity by proteins from rat liver.

Klinge CM, Liu DK
Int J Biochem (1985), Volume 17, Page 347
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We determined that there is a protein in rat liver capable of ...
We determined that there is a protein in rat liver capable of inhibiting DNA polymerase alpha. To assay for this inhibitor, DNA polymerase alpha was purified from R3230AC rat mammary tumor, a rich source of this enzyme. Protein fractions from Sephacryl S200 gel filtration of total soluble liver extract showing inhibition of DNA polymerase alpha were further chromatographed on DEAE-cellulose. This step revealed two inhibitor protein populations with the major form corresponding to a molecular weight of 143,000 dalton. Soluble extract from isolated rat liver nuclei also showed the presence of at least two inhibitors; the major form was 200,000+ dalton in molecular weight. Both the 143,000 and 200,000+ dalton inhibitor proteins were capable of inhibiting the R3230AC tumor DNA polymerase alpha in a dose-dependent manner. These inhibitors exhibited similar inhibition of nuclear matrix-associated DNA polymerase alpha from either the R3230AC tumor or from regenerating rat liver.




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