A 3' to 5' exonuclease activity is associated with phage 029 DNA polymerase.


Bacteriophage 029 produces its own DNA polymerase which is encoded by ...
Bacteriophage 029 produces its own DNA polymerase which is encoded by gene 2 [Watabe, K. and Ito, J. (1983) Nucleic Acid Res. 11, 8333]. This 029 DNA polymerase has been purified by phospho-cellulose, DEAE-cellulose, double-stranded DNA cellulose chromatography and glycerol gradient centrifugation. An exonuclease activity associated with the DNA polymerase was found through all the steps of the purification. This nuclease preferably degrades single-stranded DNA from the 3' to the 5' terminus direction, suggesting that the enzyme plays a role for proofreading during DNA replication. While DNA polymerase activity isolated from cells infected with temperature sensitive mutant of gene 2 is thermolabile, the nuclease activity is not significantly reduced at the restrictive temperature.




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