[Metabolic limitation of DNA-polymerase I synthesis by Escherichia coli strain CM5199].

Soktoev SA, Golovlev EL
Mikrobiologiia (1983), Volume 52, Page 563
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The work was aimed at studying DNA polymerase I synthesis after ...
The work was aimed at studying DNA polymerase I synthesis after induction of the vector prophage lambda polA (NM 964) in lysogenic Escherichia coli CM 5199 in the course of batch cultivation in different media and at various growth phases as well as upon "nutrient shifts" caused by adding organic compounds to the minimal medium. The enzyme activity was highest when the phage was induced at the exponential phase of growth and in media richer in their composition. The enzyme synthesis, the dynamics of protein and RNA content were studied after induction of the phage and enrichment of the medium; the studies have shown that synthesis of DNA polymerase I is influenced by limitation at two levels: (1) biosynthesis of amino acids and (2) biosynthesis of components of the protein-synthesizing apparatus. There is a direct correlation between DNA polymerase I biosynthesis under the control of vector DNA and the growth rate of the culture.




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