Characterization of messenger RNA for chick-embryo DNA polymerase beta and its translation product in vitro.


A specific immunoprecipitation method, using rabbit anti-(chick DNA ...
A specific immunoprecipitation method, using rabbit anti-(chick DNA polymerase beta) IgG was applied to detect the polypeptide of DNA polymerase beta among translation products obtained in vitro with mRNA extracted from chick embryos. A polypeptide of Mr = 40 000 was specifically immunoprecipitated from [35S]methionine-labeled translation products and was competitive with the purified DNA polymerase beta for the antibody. Furthermore, the 40 000-Mr translation product obtained in vitro had DNA polymerase activity, which was detected by assay in situ after electrophoresis in a polyacrylamide gel containing DNA. The mRNA for DNA polymerase beta was polyadenylated and its content was estimated as the range of 0.001% of total poly(A)-rich RNA on the basis of [35S]methionine incorporation in the translation in vitro. The size of this mRNA was determined to be about 1800 nucleotides by zone sedimentation and agarose gel electrophoresis under denaturating conditions.




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