A third DNA polymerase from Spiroplasma citri and two other spiroplasmas.


Recently, two DNA polymerases (ScA and ScB) were isolated and ...
Recently, two DNA polymerases (ScA and ScB) were isolated and characterized from Spiroplasma citri. We now have found a third DNA polymerase (ScC) not only in S. citri but also in the serologically related honeybee spiroplasma BC3 and the unrelated flower spiroplasma BNR1. Enzyme ScC is N-ethylmaleimide (NEM) sensitive. The three DNA polymerases from the honeybee spiroplasma seem to be similar to the respective enzymes of S. citri. However, whereas the NEM-resistant enzyme ScA from S. citri and that from the BC3 honeybee spiroplasma are retained on DEAE-cellulose and require 0.09 M KCl for elution, the NEM-resistant enzyme A from the flower spiroplasma BNR1 is not retained.




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