Novel properties of DNA polymerase beta with poly(rA).oligo(dT) template-primer.

Yoshida S, Yamada M, Masaki S
J Biochem (1979), Volume 85, Page 1387
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Purified DNA polymerase beta of calf thymus can utilize ...
Purified DNA polymerase beta of calf thymus can utilize poly(rA).oligo(dT) as efficiently as poly(dA).oligo(dT) or activated DNA as a template primer. The poly(rA).oligo(dT)-dependent activity of DNA polymerase beta was found to differ markedly from the DNA-dependent activity of the same enzyme (with either activated calf thymus DNA or poly(dA).(dT)10) in the following respects. 1) Poly(rA)-dependent activity was strongly inhibited by natural DNA from various sources or synthetic deoxypolymer duplexes at very low concentrations (less than 0.5 microgram/ml) at which the DNA-dependent activity was affected to a much smaller extent, if at all. 2) Poly(rA)-dependent activity was inhibited by N-ethylmaleimide more strongly than DNA-dependent activity measured at 37 degrees C, while it was resistant to this reagent at 26 degrees C. 3) The curves of the activity versus substrate concentration were sigmoidal in the poly(rA)-dependent reaction but hyperbolic in the activated DNA-dependent reaction. A kinetic study suggested that the association of beta-enzyme protomers may be required to copy the poly(rA) strand.




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