10-S DNA polymerase from calf thymus which copies both poly(rA) . oligo(dT) and activated DNA.


A novel DNA polymerase, which could use both poly(rA) . oligo(dT) and ...
A novel DNA polymerase, which could use both poly(rA) . oligo(dT) and activated calf thymus DNA efficiently as template-primers, was purified 20 000-fold from calf thymus extract. These activities were co-purified throughout successive column chromatographies and banded at the same position in either electrofocussing (pI = 6.5--7.0) or sucrose rate-zonal centrifugation (10--10.5 S). The most purified fraction (DNA-cellulose fraction) possessed specific activities of 3900 units/mg of protein with poly(rA) . oligo(dT) and 32 000 units/mg of protein with activated DNA. The poly(rA) . oligo(dT)-dependent activity differed from the previously described DNA polymerase gamma from other sources in the following ways: 1. The activity was inhibited by 100--300 mM KCl and and 80 mM potassium phosphate buffer. 2. The activity was 4-fold higher at 26 degrees C than at 37 degrees C. 3. The Km value for dTTP was 2.6--3.0 . 10(-4) M, which is several hundred-fold greater than that of DNA polymerase gamma. 4. Mn2+ was essential for the reaction and could not be replaced by Mg2+. The activated DNA-dependent activity shared many properties with DNA polymerase alpha, except that it was less sensitive to N-ethylmaleimide and anti-alpha polymerase immunoglobulin G. The 10-S DNA polymerase was dissociated into 8.5-S and 3.3-S by treatment with Triton X-100.




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