Characterization of an alpha-like DNA polymerase from Bombyx mori silkglands.

de Turenne M
Biochimie (1978), Volume 60, Page 705
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A soluble DNA polymerase has been purified near to homogeneity from ...
A soluble DNA polymerase has been purified near to homogeneity from Bombyx mori silkglands. The following characteristics were observed: high molecular weight (about 150 000 - 220 00); optimum pH about 8; inhibition by high salt concentrations, sulfhydryl-group blocking agents and polyamines; absence of nuclease activity; preference for magnesium as required divalent cation with all the efficient template-primers tested; and clear template-primer specificity, the purified enzyme being able to copy primed - polydeoxyribonucleotide templates [activated DNA, poly(dA).oligo(dT), poly(dA).oligo(rU)] but not polyribonucleotide chains [poly(rA).oligo(dT), poly(rA).oligo(rU)] in the presence of either Mg++ or MN++. Believed to represent the bulk of silkgland DNA polymerase activity, the purified soluble enzyme most resembles vertebrate DNA polymerases alpha when it is compared to other eukaryotic DNA polymerases as yet characterized.




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