On the DNA polymerase III of mouse myeloma: partial purification and characterization.

Matsukage A, Bohn EW, Wilson SH
Biochemistry (1975), Volume 14, Page 1006
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A high molecular weight membrane-bound DNA polymerase from the mouse ...
A high molecular weight membrane-bound DNA polymerase from the mouse myeloma, MOPC-104E, has been purified extensively, and characterized with regard to physical and reaction properties. This enzyme, which is readily distinguishable from other myeloma enzymes that are analogous to the recognized forms of cellular DNA polymerase, is ddesignated DNA polymerase III. DNA polymerase III activity in whole homogenates from MOPC-104E was solubilized and then prurifed using a series of ion-exchange chromatographic procedures followed by DNA-cellulose chromatography and glycerol gradient centrifugation; the enzyme activity as measured with poly(rA)-(dT)12-18 as template-primer and Mn2+ as divalent cation, was purified as much as 18,000-fold. In the final stages of the pruification, DNA polymerase III possessed no detectable RNA polymerase activity, nucleoside diphosphokinase activity, or nucease activity toward DNA or single- and double-stranded RNA...




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