Difference in the mechanisms of poly(dT) synthesis by DNA polymerases beta and gamma.


Poly(dT) products which were synthesized depending on (rA)n . ...
Poly(dT) products which were synthesized depending on (rA)n . (dT)12-18 as a template . primer by mammalian DNA polymerases beta and gamma were analyzed by alkaline sucrose gradient centrifugation. The size of the population of poly(dT) chains synthesized by DNA polymerase beta increased slowly and consistently during incubation up to at least 30 min. On the other hand, the product size with DNA polymerase gamma reached the final size (7 s) within 5 min and the number of products increased during further incubation. Comparison of product number per enzyme molecule suggests that DNA polymerase beta acts on multiple primers in a distributive fashion while DNA polymerase gamma completes poly(dT) chains of large size in a one-by-one fashion.




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