Enzymatic production of RNAi libraries from cDNAs.


RNA interference (RNAi) induced by small interfering (siRNA) or short ...
RNA interference (RNAi) induced by small interfering (siRNA) or short hairpin RNA (shRNA) is an important research approach in mammalian genetics. Here we describe a technology called enzymatic production of RNAi library (EPRIL) by which cDNAs are converted by a sequence of enzymatic treatments into an RNAi library consisting of a vast array of different shRNA expression constructs. We applied EPRIL to a single cDNA source and prepared an RNAi library consisting of shRNA constructs with various RNAi efficiencies. High-throughput screening allowed us to rapidly identify the best shRNA constructs from the library. We also describe a new selection scheme using the thymidine kinase gene for obtaining efficient shRNA constructs. Furthermore, we show that EPRIL can be applied to constructing an RNAi library from a cDNA library, providing a basis for future whole-genome phenotypic screening of genes.



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DNase I fragmentation then MmeI digestion, adaptor ligation, primer extension to convert ssHairpin DNA into dsDNA with inverted repeats, RE digestion and cloning.


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