Genomic cloning and chromosomal assignment of the E2F dimerization partner TFDP gene family.


The TFDP genes encode a family of transcription factors that can form ...
The TFDP genes encode a family of transcription factors that can form heterodimers with E2F family proteins in vivo. The E2F-TFDP transcription factors are major regulators of genes that are required for the progression of S-phase, such as DHFR and DNA polymerase alpha, and they play a critical role in cell cycle regulation and differentiation. The retinoblastoma tumor suppressor protein has been shown to induce growth arrest by binding to E2F-TFDP and repressing its activity. Two human TFDP genes have been cloned, namely TFDP1 and TFDP2 (or DP1 and DP2). In the present study, we identified genomic clones of TFDP1, its pseudogene TFDP1P and TFDP2, and we mapped them to chromosome 13q34, 1q32.3, and 3q23, respectively. Chromosomal abnormalities involving regions 13q34 and 3q23 have been reported in certain lymphomas and other diseases associated with loss of cell cycle regulation, and the involvement of the TFDP transcription factors remains to be elucidated.




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