Influence of various 2- and 2'-substituted polyadenylic acids on murine leukemia virus reverse transcriptase.


Several newly synthesized polyadenylic acid [(A)n] analogues, ...
Several newly synthesized polyadenylic acid [(A)n] analogues, including poly(2-methyladenylic acid) [(m2A)n], poly(2-ethyladenylic acid) [(e2A)n], poly(2-isopropyladenylic acid) [(i-pro2A)n], poly(2-methylthioadenylic acid) [(ms2A)n], poly(2-ethylthioadenylic acid) [(e2A)n], poly(2'-fluoro-2'-deoxyadenylic acid) [(dAfl)n] and poly(2'-azido-2'-deoxyadenylic acid) [(dAz)n] have been evaluated for their effects on the RNA-directed DNA polymerase (reverse transcriptase) activity of Moloney murine leukemia virus; (m2A)n and (e2A)n did not markedly affect reverse transcriptase activity, (dAfl)n served as an efficient template for the reverse transcriptase reaction, and (i-pro2A)n, (ms2A)n, (es2A)n and (dAz)n strongly inhibited reverse transcriptase activity. (dAfl)n also served as an efficient template (Km : 0.025 micron) for the reverse transcriptase of avian myeloblastosis virus.




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