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Title Authors Year Journal
Synthesis of base-substituted dUTP analogues carrying a photoreactive group and their application to study human replication protein A. Weisshart K Bioconjugate chemistry
Expression of herpes simplex virus type 1 DNA polymerase by recombinant vaccinia virus. Weisshart K 2009 Virus genes
Amino acids 257 to 288 of mouse p48 control the cooperation of polyomavirus large T antigen, replication protein A, and DNA polymerase alpha-primase to synthesize DNA in vitro. Weisshart K 2001 J Virol
Herpes simplex virus processivity factor UL42 imparts increased DNA-binding specificity to the viral DNA polymerase and decreased dissociation from primer-template without reducing the elongation rate. Weisshart K 1999 Journal of virology
Stoichiometry and mechanism of assembly of SV40 T antigen complexes with the viral origin of DNA replication and DNA polymerase alpha-primase. Weisshart K 1998 Biochemistry
Subunits of human replication protein A are crosslinked by photoreactive primers synthesized by DNA polymerases. Weisshart K 1998 Nucleic acids research
Alternative conformations of human replication protein A are detected by crosslinks with primers carrying a photoreactive group at the 3'-end. Weisshart K 1998 FEBS letters
Primase activity of human DNA polymerase alpha-primase. Divalent cations stabilize the enzyme activity of the p48 subunit. Weisshart K 1998 The Journal of biological chemistry
An N-terminal deletion mutant of simian virus 40 (SV40) large T antigen oligomerizes incorrectly on SV40 DNA but retains the ability to bind to DNA polymerase alpha and replicate SV40 DNA in vitro. Weisshart K 1996 J Virol
Structural and functional organization of herpes simplex virus DNA polymerase investigated by limited proteolysis. Weisshart K 1994 The Journal of biological chemistry
Conformational changes induced in herpes simplex virus DNA polymerase upon DNA binding. Weisshart K 1993 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
The extreme C terminus of herpes simplex virus DNA polymerase is crucial for functional interaction with processivity factor UL42 and for viral replication. Weisshart K 1993 J Virol
Polymerization activity of an alpha-like DNA polymerase requires a conserved 3'-5' exonuclease active site. Weisshart K 1991 Molecular and cellular biology
Correct intranuclear localization of herpes simplex virus DNA polymerase requires the viral ICP8 DNA-binding protein. Weisshart K 1991 J Virol
Comparison of exonucleolytic activities of herpes simplex virus type-1 DNA polymerase and DNase. Weisshart K 1990 Eur J Biochem
The herpes simplex virus DNA polymerase: analysis of the functional domains. Weisshart K 1988 Biochimica et biophysica acta

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