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Rao KS

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Title Authors Year Journal
Age-related decline in DNA polymerase β activity in rat brain and tissues. Rao KS 2012 Neurochemical research
On the inhibitory affect of some dementia drugs on DNA polymerase Beta activity. Rao KS 2008 Neurochem Res
The presence of 3'-5' exonuclease activity in rat brain neurons and its role in template-driven extension of 3'-mismatched primers by DNA-polymerase beta in aging neurons. Rao KS 2004 Neurochem Res
DNA-polymerase alpha, beta, delta and epsilon activities in isolated neuronal and astroglial cell fractions from developing and aging rat cerebral cortex. Rao KS 2002 Int J Dev Neurosci
Loss of base excision repair in aging rat neurons and its restoration by DNA polymerase beta. Rao KS 2000 Brain Res Mol Brain Res
On the 'active' molecules of DNA-polymerase beta in aging rat brain. Rao KS 1994 Biochem Mol Biol Int
Changes in DNase and DNA-polymerase activities in different tissues of chick with age. Rao KS 1991 Indian J Biochem Biophys
On the type of DNA polymerase activity in neuronal, astroglial, and oligodendroglial cell fractions from young, adult, and old rat brains. Rao KS 1988 Biochem Int

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