Age-related decline in DNA polymerase β activity in rat brain and tissues.


Fidelity of DNA polymerases is vital for maintaining genomic ...
Fidelity of DNA polymerases is vital for maintaining genomic integrity. Deficient DNA repair leads to age related disorders or cancer. If the age at which the decline in activity of predominant DNA repair enzymes starts is identified, and the deficient proteins supplemented, then the manifestation of these diseases can be delayed promoting healthy aging. DNA polymerase β (pol β) is a predominant repair enzyme in brain. DNA pol β activity declines with age in rat brain/neurons but the exact age during the life time of rat when this decline begins is not known, and comparison of this activity was not made between post mitotic and proliferating tissues therefore the pattern of pol β with age was studied in rat brain and tissues. The decline in pol β activity started between 30 and 45 days postnatal in all the tissues. Post mitotic tissues showed pronounced decline than the proliferating tissues.





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