The presence of 3'-5' exonuclease activity in rat brain neurons and its role in template-driven extension of 3'-mismatched primers by DNA-polymerase beta in aging neurons.

Krishna TH, Hemkal A, Rao KS
Neurochem Res (2004), Volume 29, Page 761
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A three-step reaction strategy has been developed to examine the ...
A three-step reaction strategy has been developed to examine the mechanism of extension of a mismatched primer in an oligoduplex substrate by rat neuronal extracts and DNA polymerase beta. The results revealed that in the case of duplexes with a mismatch at 3'-end of primer, significant extension by DNA polymerase beta has taken place only after the removal of the mismatched base, thus indicating the presence of a proof reading 3'-5' exonuclease activity in neuronal extracts of all ages. A closer examination of the neuronal exonuclease activity revealed that bases are excised from the 3' end in a sequential and nonspecific manner, although initial excision of a mismatched base was slightly faster. Further, the excision efficiency is seen to decrease with the age of the animal but apparently does not go below a critical level so as to become a rate-limiting factor for the DNA-repair activity.




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