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Title Authors Year Journal
Translesion synthesis past acrolein-derived DNA adducts by human mitochondrial DNA polymerase γ Kasiviswanathan R 2013 The Journal of biological chemistry
Balancing Antiviral Potency and Host Toxicity: Identifying a Nucleotide Inhibitor with an Optimal Kinetic Phenotype for HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase. Kasiviswanathan R 2012 Molecular pharmacology
RECQL4 localizes to mitochondria and preserves mitochondrial DNA integrity. Kasiviswanathan R 2012 Aging cell
Mutations in human DNA polymerase γ confer unique mechanisms of catalytic deficiency that mirror the disease severity in mitochondrial disorder patients. Kasiviswanathan R 2012 Human molecular genetics
Ribonucleotide discrimination and reverse transcription by the human mitochondrial DNA polymerase. Kasiviswanathan R 2011 The Journal of biological chemistry
The Mechanism of Interaction of Human Mitochondrial DNA Polymerase γ with the Novel Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitor 4' -Ethynyl-2-Fluoro-2' -Deoxyadenosine Indicates a Low Potential for Host Toxicity. Kasiviswanathan R 2011 Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy
Human mitochondrial DNA polymerase γ exhibits potential for bypass and mutagenesis at UV-induced cyclobutane thymine dimers. Kasiviswanathan R 2011 The Journal of biological chemistry
The interface of transcription and DNA replication in the mitochondria. Kasiviswanathan R 2011 Biochimica et biophysica acta
Biochemical analysis of the G517V POLG variant reveals wild-type like activity. Kasiviswanathan R 2011 Mitochondrion
Purification and functional characterization of human mitochondrial DNA polymerase gamma harboring disease mutations. Kasiviswanathan R 2010 Methods
R964C mutation of DNA polymerase gamma imparts increased stavudine toxicity by decreasing nucleoside analog discrimination and impairing polymerase activity. Kasiviswanathan R 2009 Antimicrob Agents Chemother
Disease mutations in the human mitochondrial DNA polymerase thumb subdomain impart severe defects in mitochondrial DNA replication. Kasiviswanathan R 2009 The Journal of biological chemistry

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