Cancer Lett

References in Cancer Lett:

Title Authors Year
Structure and activity relationship of monogalactosyl diacylglycerols, which selectively inhibited in vitro mammalian replicative DNA polymerase activity and human cancer cell growth. Matsui Y, Hada T, Maeda N, Sato Y, Yamaguchi Y, Takeuchi T, Takemura M, Sugawara F, Sakaguchi K, Yoshida H, Mizushina Y 2009
EBV DNA polymerase inhibition of tannins from Eugenia uniflora. Lee MH, Chiou JF, Yen KY, Yang LL 2000
Frequent mutation related with overexpression of DNA polymerase beta in primary tumors and precancerous lesions of human stomach. Tan XH, Zhao M, Pan KF, Dong Y, Dong B, Feng GJ, Jia G, Lu YY 2005
Effect of site-specifically located aristolochic acid DNA adducts on in vitro DNA synthesis by human DNA polymerase alpha. Broschard TH, Wiessler M, Schmeiser HH 1995
Hypersensitivity in DNA mismatch repair-deficient colon carcinoma cells to DNA polymerase reaction inhibitors. Takahashi T, Min Z, Uchida I, Arita M, Watanabe Y, Koi M, Hemmi H 2005

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