Hum Mol Genet

References in Hum Mol Genet:

Title Authors Year
Changes in heparan sulfate are associated with delayed wound repair, altered cell migration, adhesion and contractility in the galactosyltransferase I (beta4GalT-7) deficient form of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. Götte M, Spillmann D, Yip GW, Versteeg E, Echtermeyer FG, van Kuppevelt TH, Kiesel L 2008
Modulation of the W748S mutation in DNA polymerase gamma by the E1143G polymorphismin mitochondrial disorders. Chan SS, Longley MJ, Copeland WC 2006
A cluster of pathogenic mutations in the 3'-5' exonuclease domain of DNA polymerase gamma defines a novel module coupling DNA synthesis and degradation. Szczepanowska K, Foury F 2010
Mitochondrial DNA polymerase-gamma and human disease. Hudson G, Chinnery PF 2006
Mitochondrial and nuclear DNA defects in Saccharomyces cerevisiae with mutations in DNA polymerase gamma associated with progressive external ophthalmoplegia. Stuart GR, Santos JH, Strand MK, Van Houten B, Copeland WC 2006

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