Cell Struct Funct

References in Cell Struct Funct:

Title Authors Year
Purification and characterization of two forms of DNA polymerase alpha from mouse FM3A cells: a DNA polymerase alpha-primase complex and a free DNA polymerase alpha. Enomoto T, Suzuki M, Takahashi M, Kawasaki K, Watanabe Y, Nagata K, Hanaoka F, Yamada M 1985
Deficiency of the Caenorhabditis elegans DNA polymerase eta homologue increases sensitivity to UV radiation during germ-line development. Ohkumo T, Masutani C, Eki T, Hanaoka F 2006
Evidence of the existence of a high molecular weight form of DNA polymerase alpha in sea urchin eggs. Shioda M 1986
Tight association of DNA polymerase alpha with granular structures in the nuclear matrix of chick embryo cell: immunocytochemical detection with monoclonal antibody against DNA polymerase alpha. Yamamoto S, Takahashi T, Matsukage A 1984
Isolation of a new species of Physarum lysophosphatidic acid, PHYLPA, and its effect on DNA polymerase activity. Takahashi Y, Shimada Y, Shioda M, Yoshida S, Murofushi H, Murakami-Murofushi K 1993
Temperature-sensitive mutation of DNA polymerase alpha induces growth-suppressive phenotypes involving retinoblastoma protein and cyclin D1. Yamaguchi K, Kobayashi M, Yamauchi Y, Tanaka A, Miyazawa H, Izumi M, Hanaoka F 1995

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