J Cell Biochem

References in J Cell Biochem:

Title Authors Year
Prereplicative increase of nuclear matrix-bound DNA polymerase-alpha and primase activities in HeLa S3 cells following dilution of long-term cultures. Martelli AM, Capitani S, Neri LM 1998
XRCC1 and DNA polymerase beta interaction contributes to cellular alkylating-agent resistance and single-strand break repair. Wong HK, Wilson DM 2005
A 17S multiprotein form of murine cell DNA polymerase mediates polyomavirus DNA replication in vitro. Wu Y, Hickey R, Lawlor K, Wills P, Yu F, Ozer H, Starr R, Quan JY, Lee M, Malkas L 1994
Nucleoprotein complexes released from lymphoma nuclei that contain the abl oncogene and RNA and DNA polymerase and RNA primase activities. Rosenberg-Nicolson NL, Nicolson GL 1992

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