Bioconjug Chem

References in Bioconjug Chem:

Title Authors Year
Affinity capture of a mammalian DNA polymerase beta by inhibitors immobilized to resins used in solid-phase organic synthesis. Kuramochi K, Haruyama T, Takeuchi R, Sunoki T, Watanabe M, Oshige M, Kobayashi S, Sakaguchi K, Sugawara F 2005
Photolytic cleavage of DNA by nitrobenzamido ligands linked to 9-aminoacridines gives DNA polymerase substrates in a wavelength-dependent reaction. Nielsen PE, Egholm M, Koch T, Christensen JB, Buchardt O 1991
Synthesis of new modified DNAs by hyperthermophilic DNA polymerase: substrate and template specificity of functionalized thymidine analogues bearing an sp3-hybridized carbon at the C5 alpha-position for several DNA polymerases. Sawai H, Ozaki-Nakamura A, Mine M, Ozaki H 2002

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