Jpn J Cancer Res

References in Jpn J Cancer Res:

Title Authors Year
Increase in DNA polymerase alpha in nuclei of chicken kidney cells after avian adenovirus infection. Matsukage A, Yamaguchi M, Yasue H, Ishibashi M 1985
Organization of mouse DNA polymerase beta gene silencer elements and identification of the silencer-binding factor(s). Yamaguchi M, Hayashi Y, Furukawa K, Nishimoto Y, Matsukage A 1991
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The absence of Mth1 inactivation and DNA polymerase kappa overexpression in rat mammary carcinomas with frequent A:T to C:G transversions. Okochi E, Ichimura S, Sugimura T, Ushijima T 2002
Structure-activity relationship of a novel group of mammalian DNA polymerase inhibitors, synthetic sulfoquinovosylacylglycerols. Hanashima S, Mizushina Y, Ohta K, Yamazaki T, Sugawara F, Sakaguchi K 2000

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