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References in Biochem Int:

Title Authors Year
The in vitro inhibition of DNA polymerase alpha and avian reverse transcriptase by novobiocin. Sarih L, Garret M, Aoyama H, Graves PV, Tarrago-Litvak L, Litvak S 1983
Increased DNA polymerase beta-activity in different regions of aging rat brain. Subba Rao KV, Subba Rao K 1984
Changes in activity and subcellular localization of alpha-like DNA polymerase during cell cycle of Physarum polycephalum. Shioda M, Murakami-Murofushi K 1989
On the type of DNA polymerase activity in neuronal, astroglial, and oligodendroglial cell fractions from young, adult, and old rat brains. Subrahmanyam K, Rao KS 1988
A DNA polymerase alpha partially resistant to aphidicolin in cells and embryos of Med-fly (Ceratitis capitata Wied.). Scovassi AI, Cavalloro R, Bertazzoni U 1983
In vitro and in vivo studies of Trypanosoma cruzi DNA polymerase. Solari A, Tharaud D, Repetto Y, Aldunate J, Morello A, Litvak S 1983
Partial purification and characterization of a beta-like DNA polymerase from Leishmania mexicana. Nolan LL, Rivera JH 1991
DNA polymerase action blocked by adenine adducts induced by 5-hydroxymethylchrysene sulfate. Suzuki M, Kojima M, Okuda H, Watabe T, Tada M 1991
Poly(dG-dC) in the Z-form inhibits E. coli DNA polymerase I and AMV DNA polymerase activity. Brahmachari SK, Ramesh N, Das MR, Parnaik VK 1985
DNA polymerase alpha, beta, and gamma activities in human lymphocytes stimulated by Tora-mame (Phaseolus vulgaris) lectin. Umekawa H, Kondoh K, Furuichi Y, Takahashi T, Yoshida S 1992

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