The Journal of investigative dermatology

(J Invest Dermatol) ISSNs: 0022-202X,

References in The Journal of investigative dermatology:

Title Authors Year
Xeroderma pigmentosum-variant patients from America, Europe, and Asia. Inui H, Oh KS, Nadem C, Ueda T, Khan SG, Metin A, Gozukara E, Emmert S, Slor H, Busch DB, Baker CC, DiGiovanna JJ, Tamura D, Seitz CS, Gratchev A, Wu WH, Chung KY, Chung HJ, Azizi E, Woodgate R, Schneider TD, Kraemer KH 2008
Genetics of herpes simplex virus. Schaffer PA, Weller SK, Pancake BA, Coen DM 1984

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