Journal of molecular recognition : JMR

(J Mol Recognit) ISSNs: 0952-3499,

References in Journal of molecular recognition : JMR:

Title Authors Year
Identification of a pharmacophore for nucleoside analog inhibitors directed at HIV-1 reverse transcriptase. Fisher MA, Yadav PN, Yadav J, Kristol D, Arnold E, Modak MJ 1994
Buried surface analysis of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase p66/p51 heterodimer and its interaction with dsDNA template/primer. Ding J, Jacobo-Molina A, Tantillo C, Lu X, Nanni RG, Arnold E 1994
Localization of the large subunit of replication factor C near the 5' end of DNA primers. Kolpashchikov DM, Hughes P, Favre A, Baldacci G, Lavrik OI

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