Molecular biology reports

(Mol Biol Rep) ISSNs: , 1573-4978

References in Molecular biology reports:

Title Authors Year
Inactivation of DNA polymerase by adenosine 2',3'-riboepoxide 5'-triphosphate allows estimation of the primers affinity. Podust VN, Korobeinicheva TO, Nevinsky GA, Levina AS, Lavrik OI 1990
Comparison of interactions of 5'-derivatives of deoxyoctathymidylate with human DNA polymerize alpha and HIV reverse transcriptase. Khodyreva SN, Podust VN, Sergeev DS, Ivanova EM, Frolova EI, Koshkin AA, Godovikova TS, Zarytova VF, Ricchetti M, Lavrik OI 1993
The effect of aging on the DNA damage and repair capacity in 2BS cells undergoing oxidative stress. Wang JL, Wang PC 2011
Identification and expression of a putative LPS-induced TNF-α factor from Asiatic hard clam Meretrix meretrix. Li HJ, Yang Q, Gao XG, Su H, Wang J, He CB 2011

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