Chinese medical journal

(Chin Med J (Engl)) ISSNs: 0366-6999,

References in Chinese medical journal:

Title Authors Year
Competitive capacity of HIV-1 strains carrying M184I or Y181I drug-resistant mutations. Li J, Li L, Li HP, Zhuang DM, Liu SY, Liu YJ, Bao ZY, Wang Z, Li JY 2009
Phenotypic resistance of resistant strains of HIV type-1 subtype B in China. Li J, Lu JF, Dong HH, Bao ZY, Liu SY, Li HP, Zhuang DM, Liu YJ, Li H, Wang Z, Wu H, Li JY 2006
Differential gene expression by fiber-optic beadarray and pathway in adrenocorticotrophin-secreting pituitary adenomas. Jiang ZQ, Gui SB, Zhang YZ 2010

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