Development of a novel solvatochromic pyrimidine analog for probing local dielectric environment of DNA polymerase.


A novel uracil derivative tethering a solvatochromic chromophore, ...
A novel uracil derivative tethering a solvatochromic chromophore, 6-dimethyl-2-acylnaphthalene (DAN), has been synthesized, and local dielectric constant in the recognition site of Klenow fragment (KF) has been investigated by steady-state fluorescence measurement using DNA substrates containing the solvatochromic uridine. Steady-state fluorescence measurements suggest that KF covers about 10 base pairs of the duplex DNA upstream of the primer terminus, and the vicinity of the incorporation site of triphosphate is the most hydrophobic environment.



Nucleotide Analogs / Template Lesions, Nucleotide Incorporation


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