Characterization of the stimulatory effect of T4 gene 45 protein and the gene 44/62 protein complex on DNA synthesis by T4 DNA polymerase.


On a variety of single-stranded DNA templates, the overall rate of in vitro DNA synthesis catalyzed by the bacteriophage T4 DNA polymerase is increased about fourfold by addition of the T4 gene 44/62 and 45 proteins. Several different methods suggest that this stimulation reflects an increase in the average DNA polymerase "sticking distance", or processivity, from 800 to about 3000 nucleotides per initiation event. Both the 44/62 protein complex and the 45 protein must be present to obtain this effect, and either ATP or dATP hydrolysis is required. Rapid-mixing experiments indicate that the polymerase stimulation is maximized within a few seconds after addition of these "polymerase accessory proteins."




Nucleotide Incorporation, Accessory Proteins/Complexes


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Polymerase Reference Property Result Context
T4 Mace DC1984 Processivity 3000bp
T4 Mace DC1984 Nucleotide incorporation accessory protein(s) 44/62 and 45 proteins

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