DNA polymerase epsilon, acetylases and remodellers cooperate to form a specialized chromatin structure at a tRNA insulator.


Insulators bind transcription factors and use chromatin remodellers ...
Insulators bind transcription factors and use chromatin remodellers and modifiers to mediate insulation. In this report, we identified proteins required for the efficient formation and maintenance of a specialized chromatin structure at the yeast tRNA insulator. The histone acetylases, SAS-I and NuA4, functioned in insulation, independently of tRNA and did not participate in the formation of the hypersensitive site at the tRNA. In contrast, DNA polymerase epsilon, functioned with the chromatin remodeller, Rsc, and the histone acetylase, Rtt109, to generate a histone-depleted region at the tRNA insulator. Rsc and Rtt109 were required for efficient binding of TFIIIB to the tRNA insulator, and the bound transcription factor and Rtt109 in turn were required for the binding of Rsc to tRNA. Robust insulation during growth and cell division involves the formation of a hypersensitive site at the insulator during chromatin maturation together with competition between acetylases and deacetylases.




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