Cloning and characterization of a DNA polymerase beta gene from Trypanosoma cruzi.


A gene coding for a DNA polymerase beta from the Trypanosoma cruzi ...
A gene coding for a DNA polymerase beta from the Trypanosoma cruzi Miranda clone, belonging to the TcI lineage, was cloned (Miranda Tcpol beta), using the information from eight peptides of the T. cruzi beta-like DNA polymerase purified previously. The gene encodes for a protein of 403 amino acids which is very similar to the two T. cruzi CL Brener (TcIIe lineage) sequences published, but has three different residues in highly conserved segments. At the amino acid level, the identity of TcI-pol beta with mitochondrial pol beta and pol beta-PAK from other trypanosomatids was between 68-80% and 22-30%, respectively. Miranda Tc-pol beta protein has an N-terminal sequence similar to that described in the mitochondrial Crithidia fasciculata pol beta, which suggests that the TcI-pol beta plays a role in the organelle. Northern and Western analyses showed that this T. cruzi gene is highly expressed both in proliferative and non-proliferative developmental forms. These results suggest that, in addition to replication of kDNA in proliferative cells, this enzyme may have another function in non-proliferative cells, such as DNA repair role similar to that which has extensively been described in a vast spectrum of eukaryotic cells.



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