Tobacco proliferating cell nuclear antigen binds directly and stimulates both activity and processivity of ddNTP-sensitive mungbean DNA polymerase.


PCNA is well known as a component of DNA replication system and plays ...
PCNA is well known as a component of DNA replication system and plays important roles in multiple cellular pathways in addition to replication and repair. In this work we have demonstrated the physical and functional interaction between tobacco PCNA and mungbean ddNTP-sensitive DNA polymerase which shares many physicochemical properties with family X-DNA polymerases except with the moderately processive mode of nucleotide incorporation. We have shown here that recombinant PCNA binds directly to mungbean DNA polymerase as revealed in affinity chromatography, pull-down and co-immunoprecipitation approaches. In vitro DNA polymerase activity assay and processivity analyses indicated recombinant PCNA specifically stimulates both activity and processivity of mungbean DNA polymerase. These observations lead to interesting speculation about the functional significance of the ddNTP-sensitive enzyme in replication event in higher plants since the enzyme has been shown to be active and expressed at an elevated level during the endoreduplication stages in developing mungbean seeds.




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