Transcription factor YB-1 mediates DNA polymerase alpha gene expression.


Y-box protein-1 involvement in cyclin A and B1 gene regulation has ...
Y-box protein-1 involvement in cyclin A and B1 gene regulation has recently been demonstrated. A more generalized role of this protein for cell replication is hypothesized as numerous regulatory sequences of cell cycle-related genes contain putative binding sites. In the present study the DNA polymerase alpha (DPA) gene is identified as another YB-1-responsive gene with a Y-box and 3' inverted repeat sequence, designated DPA RE-1, in the serum-responsive promoter region. Overexpressed YB-1 concentration-dependently trans-activated DPA gene expression in reporter assays and Southwestern blotting as well as DNA binding analyses revealed binding of distinct endogenous proteins to the RE-1 with molecular sizes of 26, 32 and 52 kDa. Among these, YB-1 binding was confirmed using recombinant as well as endogenous proteins, with preferential single-stranded DNA binding. Early serum growth response in mesangial cells was accompanied by a nuclear YB-1 shift and nucleocomplex formation at the RE-1. Fine mapping of the DPA RE-1 sequence unraveled a dependence on co-factors for trans-regulation with gene activation in the context of a heterologous SV40 promoter but suppression in the context of the abbreviated homologous promoter sequence. A YB-1 knock down resulted in decreased DPA transcription rates and abrogated the serum-dependent induction of DPA transcription. These results link YB-1 with serum responsiveness of DPA gene expression and provide insight into the required sequence and protein binding context.




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