Evidence for a Cdc6p-independent mitotic resetting event involving DNA polymerase alpha.


Eukaryotic DNA replication is limited to once per cell cycle because ...
Eukaryotic DNA replication is limited to once per cell cycle because cyclin-dependent kinases (cdks), which are required to fire origins, also prevent re-replication. Components of the replication apparatus, therefore, are 'reset' by cdk inactivation at the end of mitosis. In budding yeast, assembly of Cdc6p-dependent pre-replicative complexes (pre-RCs) at origins can only occur during G1 because it is blocked by cdk1 (Cdc28) together with B cyclins (Clbs). Here we describe a second, separate process which is also blocked by Cdc28/Clb kinase and, therefore, can only occur during G1; the recruitment of DNA polymerase alpha-primase (pol alpha) to chromatin. The recruitment of pol alpha to chromatin during G1 is independent of pre-RC formation since it can occur in the absence of Cdc6 protein. Paradoxically, overproduction of Cdc6p can drive both dephosphorylation and chromatin association of pol alpha. Overproduction of a mutant in which the N-terminus of Cdc6 has been deleted is unable to drive pol alpha chromatin binding. Since this mutant is still competent for pre-RC formation and DNA replication, we suggest that Cdc6p overproduction resets pol alpha chromatin binding by a mechanism which is independent of that used in pre-RC assembly.




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