Destabilization of yeast micro- and minisatellite DNA sequences by mutations affecting a nuclease involved in Okazaki fragment processing (rad27) and DNA polymerase delta (pol3-t).


We examined the effects of mutations in the Saccharomyces cerevisiae ...
We examined the effects of mutations in the Saccharomyces cerevisiae RAD27 (encoding a nuclease involved in the processing of Okazaki fragments) and POL3 (encoding DNA polymerase delta) genes on the stability of a minisatellite sequence (20-bp repeats) and microsatellites (1- to 8-bp repeat units). Both the rad27 and pol3-t mutations destabilized both classes of repeats, although the types of tract alterations observed in the two mutant strains were different. The tract alterations observed in rad27 strains were primarily additions, and those observed in pol3-t strains were primarily deletions. Measurements of the rates of repetitive tract alterations in strains with both rad27 and pol3-t indicated that the stimulation of microsatellite instability by rad27 was reduced by the effects of the pol3-t mutation. We also found that rad27 and pol3-01 (an allele carrying a mutation in the "proofreading" exonuclease domain of DNA polymerase delta) mutations were synthetically lethal.




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