Partial purification and characterization of the DNA polymerase from the cyanelles of Cyanophora paradoxa.


A DNA polymerase was partially purified and characterized from the ...
A DNA polymerase was partially purified and characterized from the photosynthetic organelles (cyanelles) of the protist, Cyanophora paradoxa. While cyanelles have several cyanobacterial features, such as a lysozyme-sensitive cell wall, unstacked thylakoids and light harvesting phycobilisomes, their genome size and structure resemble those of chloroplasts, suggesting that cyanelles occupy a unique intermediate position between chloroplasts and their phylogenetic ancestors, the cyanobacteria. When comparing the biochemical characteristics of the cyanelle DNA polymerase to those of its counterparts from higher plant chloroplasts and from a cyanobacterium, it is clear that the cyanelle enzyme resembles chloroplast DNA polymerases which are eukaryotic gamma-type enzymes.




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