Increased reliability of selective PCR by using additionally mutated primers and a commercial Taq DNA polymerase enhancer.


A reliable selective PCR procedure that combines the use of ...
A reliable selective PCR procedure that combines the use of additionally mutated primers with the specificity-enhancing properties of a commercial preparation (Perfect Match, Stratagene) is described. The human immunodeficiency virus type 1 pol gene point mutations known to confer in vitro resistance to azidothymidine were examined as a model for optimization of the assay. The usual strategy of deliberately introducing an additional mismatch 1 residue from the 3' end in the wild-type and mutant primers did not allow reproducible discrimination between wild-type and mutant target sequences. Addition of minimal amounts of Perfect Match to the same PCR mixtures resulted in a significantly enlarged range of selective annealing temperatures, providing a valuable and cost-effective means for reliable detection of known mutations by selective PCR.




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