In vitro DNA synthesis by DNA polymerase I and DNA polymerase alpha on single-stranded DNA containing either purine or pyrimidine monoadducts.


The capacity of the large fragment of DNA polymerase I from ...
The capacity of the large fragment of DNA polymerase I from Escherichia coli and of DNA polymerase alpha from Drosophila embryo to replicate single-stranded M13mp10 DNA containing either purine or pyrimidine monoadducts was compared. The monoadducts were respectively induced by cisplatinum and by furocoumarin photoaddition. For both types of lesions, it is observed that the eukaryotic enzyme is more inhibited than the prokaryotic one. By mapping the arrest sites produced by furocoumarin monoadducts on the synthesis catalysed by DNA polymerase alpha, we show that, in contrast with the photoreaction observed with double-stranded DNA, these compounds do not show a strong sequence specificity in reacting with single-stranded DNA.




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