The UvsY protein of bacteriophage T4 modulates recombination-dependent DNA synthesis in vitro.


An in vitro system containing the T4 gene 43, 45, 44/62, 32, dda, and ...
An in vitro system containing the T4 gene 43, 45, 44/62, 32, dda, and uvsX proteins catalyzes DNA synthesis that is dependent on the synapsis step of homologous genetic recombination. The rate of DNA synthesis in this system is highly dependent on the concentration of the uvsX recombinase (a recA-like protein). Here we report the effect of the T4 uvsY protein, a recombination accessory protein, on this reaction. Low concentrations of uvsY protein greatly stimulate DNA synthesis at low concentrations of uvsX protein, but these same concentrations inhibit DNA synthesis at high concentrations of uvsX protein. As a result, the addition of small amounts of uvsY protein lowers the minimum concentration of uvsX protein needed for the reaction 8-fold, and it lowers the uvsX protein concentration for maximum activity 4-fold. The uvsY protein can affect either the initiation or elongation phase of DNA synthesis, depending on the concentration of uvsX protein present. The implications of these results for the function of the uvsY protein in T4 DNA replication in vivo are discussed.




Accessory Proteins/Complexes, Nucleotide Incorporation


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