Localization of DNA polymerase alpha on the nuclear membrane in sea urchin embryos.

Shioda M, Nagano H
Exp Cell Res (1983), Volume 146, Page 349
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Subnuclear localization of DNA polymerase alpha was studied in sea ...
Subnuclear localization of DNA polymerase alpha was studied in sea urchin embryos. Blastula nuclei treated with EDTA and potassium phosphate released subnuclear components bearing most of the nuclear DNA polymerase alpha. These components were suggested to be a part of nuclear membrane based on their buoyant densities (1.177 and 1.136 g/cm3) in isopyknic centrifugation and the nuclear pore-like structure. Contamination with DNA and endoplasmic reticulum membrane to the subnuclear components was shown to be negligible. These results suggested that DNA polymerase alpha associates with nuclear membrane of sea urchin embryos. Nuclear membrane deprived of DNA polymerase alpha was able to associate with nuclear DNA polymerase alpha from blastulae and the cytoplasmic enzyme of unfertilized eggs efficiently, but not with the cytoplasmic enzyme of gastrulae. This result suggests that the nuclear membrane is originates from the endoplasmic reticulum with which DNA polymerase alpha associates in unfertilized eggs.




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