Identification of a DNA polymerase beta-like form in Drosophila melanogaster adult flies.


DNA polymerase beta is widely distributed in the eukariotes. So far, few examples are known in which a DNA polymerase alpha -like form alone is reported. Surprisingly, DNA polymerase beta was not detected in Drosophila embryos, while it is present in the cells of multicellular species from sponge to mammals. In view of the relevance of Drosophila as a model biological system for studying the role of the various DNA metabolism enzymes in vivo we have reinvestigated the presence of the DNA polymerase beta-like form in Drosophila adult flies. Here we report the occurrence in Drosophila melanogaster adult flies of a DNA polymerase activity that, for its NEM(1) resistance, template specificity, sensitivity to ddTTP, sedimentation coefficient and nuclear localization can be classified as a beta-like form.




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