Bacillus subtilis bacteriophage PBS2-induced DNA polymerase. Its purification and assay characteristics.


The DNA polymerase induced by Bacillus subtilis bacteriophage PBS2 ...
The DNA polymerase induced by Bacillus subtilis bacteriophage PBS2 (whose DNA contains uracil instead of thymine) has been purified and characterized for its specificity. The enzyme requires a high ionic strength for optimal stability and activity and is sensitive to various anions and to sulfhdryl reagents. Both dUTP and dTTP are incorporated efficiently as substrates and are competitive inhibitors at the same active site. The apparent Km and Ki values are about 6 micrometers for dTTP and 15 micrometers for dUTP, when denatured, uracil-containing B. subtilis or salmon sperm DNA (3.9 micrometers for dUTP and 2.6 micrometers for dTTP). The PBS2 enzyme works best on denatured DNA, on double-stranded DNA activated by DNase to produce gaps, or on primed homopolymeric DNA. Using denatured DNA preparations of average molecular weight 6.2 million, the apparent Km values are 270 micrograms/ml for B. subtilis DNA and 360 micrograms/ml for PBS2 DNA; the Vmax value for denatured PBS2 DNA containing uracil is 7-fold greater than that for denatured B. subtilis DNA containing thymine. However, lower molecular weight DNAs have 10-fold lower apparent Km values and show similar Vmax values for both B. subtilis and PBS2 DNAs. Thus, the PBS2 phage-induced DNA polymerase (which likely replicates only uracil-containing phage DNA using dUTP in vivo) has little selectivity for uracil- versus thymine-containing deoxyribonucleotides or DNA in vitro.




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