Endogenous DNA polymerase activity in fractionated rat lever chromatin.


Chromatin isolated from adult rat liver was fractionated into template ...
Chromatin isolated from adult rat liver was fractionated into template active and inactive components by controlled shearing and glycerol gradient centrifugation. The fractionated chromatin was assayed for DNA-dependent DNA polymerase (DNA mucleotidyl transferase EC activity with and without exogenous activated DNA serving as template. With endogenous chromatin as template, it was found that 90% of the endogenous chromatin bound DNA polymerase activity was located in the transcriptionally active fraction of chromatin, while the distribution of DNA polymerase assayed with exogenous activated DNA was found to be 65% in the transcriptionally active and 35% in the inactive fractions. However, when DNA polymerase was solubilized from these fractions by salt extraction, enzyme activity was found to be equally distributed, suggesting that the difference in endogenous DNA polymerase activity observed between eu- and heterochromatin is due to the restricted template found in repressed fractions.




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