Deoxyribonucleic acid of Cancer pagurus. II. Template activity for a DNA-dependent DNA polymerase of eukaryotic cells.


The template activity of Cancer pagurus DNA and its two components ...
The template activity of Cancer pagurus DNA and its two components (poly d(A-T) and main component) in response to a DNA polymerase purified from regenerating rat liver has been studied and compared to the results previously obtained with synthetic templates. In the double-stranded native state, whole crab DNA and the main component were poor templates. Their replication was increased by thermal denaturation and inhibited by actinomycin. Like the synthetic copolymer poly[d(A-T).d(T-A)], native crab poly d(A-T) could be copied and its duplication was not inhibited by actinomycin. The structural difference between native poly d(A-T) Form I, isolated on a density gradient, and partially renatured poly d(A-T) Form II, isolated on hydroxylapatite, resulted in a modification of their template activity. The kinetic studies of [(3)H] dGMP and [(3)H] dAMP incorporation confirmed the importance of single-stranded regions (particulary dC regions) in the initiation of the in vitro duplication.




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