Increased expression of the adult stem cell marker Musashi-1 in endometriosis and endometrial carcinoma.


Adult stem cells are thought to be responsible for the high ...
Adult stem cells are thought to be responsible for the high regenerative capacity of the human endometrium, and have been implicated in the pathology of endometriosis and endometrial carcinoma. The RNA-binding protein Musashi-1 is associated with maintenance and asymmetric cell division of neural and epithelial progenitor cells. We investigated expression and localization of Musashi-1 in endometrial, endometriotic and endometrial carcinoma tissue specimens of 46 patients. qPCR revealed significantly increased Musashi-1 mRNA expression in the endometrium compared to the myometrium. Musashi-1 protein expression presented as nuclear or cytoplasmic immunohistochemical staining of single cells in endometrial glands, and of single cells and cell groups in the endometrial stroma. Immunofluorescence microscopy revealed colocalization of Musashi-1 with its molecular target Notch-1 and telomerase. In proliferative endometrium, the proportion of Musashi-1-positive cells in the basalis layer was significantly increased 1.5-fold in the stroma, and three-fold in endometrial glands compared to the functionalis. The number of Musashi-1 expressing cell groups was significantly increased (four-fold) in proliferative compared to secretory endometrium. Musashi-1 expressing stromal cell and cell group numbers were significantly increased (five-fold) in both endometriotic and endometrial carcinoma tissue compared to secretory endometrium. A weak to moderate, diffuse cytoplasmic glandular staining was observed in 50% of the endometriosis cases and in 75% of the endometrioid carcinomas compared to complete absence in normal endometrial samples. Our results emphasize the role of Musashi-1-expressing endometrial progenitor cells in proliferating endometrium, endometriosis and endometrioid uterine carcinoma, and support the concept of a stem cell origin of endometriosis and endometrial carcinoma.




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