Structure and function of 2:1 DNA polymerase.DNA complexes.


DNA polymerases are required for DNA replication and DNA repair in all ...
DNA polymerases are required for DNA replication and DNA repair in all of the living organisms. Different DNA polymerases are responsible different stages of DNA metabolism, and many of them are multifunctional enzymes. It was generally assumed that the different reactions are catalyzed by the same enzyme molecule. In addition to 1:1 DNA polymerase.DNA complex reported by crystallization studies, 2:1 and higher order DNA polymerase.DNA complexes have been identified in solution studies by various biochemical and biophysical approaches. Further, abundant evidences for the DNA polymerase-DNA interactions in several DNA polymerases suggested that the 2:1 complex represents the more active form. This review describes the current status of this emerging subject and explores their potential in vitro and in vivo functional significance, particularly for the 2:1 complexes of mammalian DNA polymerase beta (Pol beta), the Klenow fragment of E. coli DNA polymerase I (KF), and T4 DNA polymerase.




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