The mutagenic effect of deoxynucleotide substrate imbalances during DNA synthesis with mammalian DNA polymerases.

Kunkel TA, Silber JR, Loeb LA
Mutation research (1982), Volume 94, Page 413
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The frequency of reversion of phi X174 amber mutants to wild-type, ...
The frequency of reversion of phi X174 amber mutants to wild-type, resulting from in vitro DNA synthesis catalyzed by eucaryotic DNA polymerase-alpha or -beta, varies over a 10- to 1000-fold range. This variation is dependent on the relative ratio of deoxyribonucleotide substrates present during in vitro DNA synthesis. The effect is observed at two different loci in the genome and with several different DNA polymerases. In addition, the effect is observed using an unfractionated cellular extract. These results provide support for the hypothesis that altered nucleotide pools cause mutations in mammalian cells by decreasing the fidelity of DNA synthesis.




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