Isolation and purification of mediators of cell proliferation.


An attempt was made to isolate and purify the important biological mediators that cause an increase in proliferative activity of fibroblasts following tissue injury. DNA synthesis and cellular growth, using cultured WI-38 fibroblasts, and DNA synthesis in an in vitro assay, using purified DNA polymerase, were stimulated by factors extracted from the lysosomal-mitochondrial fraction of normal guinea pig liver. These factors precipitated in 45 percent to 60 percent ethanol. They were insensitive to treatment with RNase, DNase and heating to 56 C for 30 minutes, but were inactivated at 100 C. isoelectric focusing of the active ethanol-precipitate resolved activity into five discrete fractions, one of which has been purified, using ion-exchange chromatography. The presence of these factors in normal tissue may explain the increase in proliferative activity of fibroblasts and other cells in the early stages of wound healing, via release caused by injury.




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